Resources for Patients

The administration of COVID-19 convalescent plasma, or CCP, is rapidly evolving and this information is provided by AABB with the intent of helping patients to understand options and considerations for the use of CCP as an investigational treatment. The decision to receive CCP is one that patients or their loved ones should make in consultation with the patient’s physician.

How can COVID-19 patients get CCP?

Patients COVID-19 may be able to receive CCP. Hospitals are implementing this new investigational treatment. If the hospital where you are being treated does not know how to access CCP, please encourage your physician to visit the Resources for Clinicians section of this site.

Is convalescent plasma transfusion safe?
  • If you or someone you know is being treated for COVID-19, your doctors may determine that convalescent plasma transfusion is an appropriate treatment option to consider. You should discuss this option with your doctor to understand if it is the best treatment option for you.
  • Plasma transfusion is generally considered a low-risk procedure but it is not free of risk. Each donation undergoes extensive testing and processing for safety and quality as required by AABB and the FDA. Early research into the use of CCP suggests that it may be a safe and effective therapy that reduces the length and severity of the COVID-19. AABB-accredited hospitals have chosen to meet voluntary quality and safety standards as part of their commitment to patient safety.
My hospital told me they can’t find any CCP. What can I do?

The supply of CCP is improving and blood collectors across the nation will continue to do everything they can to keep an adequate supply. This is challenging because not everyone can donate CCP.

We can only collect CCP from people after they have fully recovered from their illness, which is at least 14 days after they last exhibited any symptoms. Once recovered, the individual must also meet all the health and safety criteria required for all blood donors. Very few people meet all of the criteria needed to be a CCP donor. Blood collectors, hospitals, and government authorities are working together to get as many qualified individuals as possible to consider CCP donation.

Can one of my relatives or loved ones who had COVID-19 donate plasma for me?

Maybe. You should talk to your hospital about this option, known as a “directed donation”, and encourage your relative or loved one to contact their nearest blood collector.